Necklace: Natural Stone Amethyst Pendant Necklace
Necklace: Natural Stone Amethyst Pendant Necklace
Necklace: Natural Stone Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Necklace: Natural Stone Amethyst Pendant Necklace

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Known for its stunning violet color in a variety of shades, amethyst healing crystals are often used as jewelry because when placed against the skin, it works as a natural stress reliever. Amethyst magnifies positive vibes while cleansing the body of negative energy, including toxic emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, and more. Amethyst boosts the spirit and encourages spiritual growth by protecting the aura from damaging metaphysical debris. When you wear an amethyst bracelet or have a stone in your home, it encourages you to engage in positive introspection, which helps you access your true feelings and increase intuition. Our amethyst bracelets stimulate and balance the crown and brow chakras, which make them powerful crystals for getting in touch with your authentic self. Amethyst is also a wonderful tool for soothing the mind during meditation practice.

If you’re prone to frequent headaches or migraines, amethyst is a useful healing tool for pain relief. Try dipping a tumbled piece of amethyst in water and rubbing it on your forehead in a circle counterclockwise. 

For an all-over chakra cleanse, place amethyst stones above your head in a healing layout. This helps to open and activate the crown chakra, which is the energy center of inner wisdom and intuition. In crystal healing, amethyst stones are also used to create a protective field when placed around the body. 

As your crystals become enveloped with plumes of cleansing smoke, take this moment to program the stones with an intention for healing. Create a sacred healing space by lighting a candle and meditating, which can involve the simple act of breathing in positivity and breathing out negativity. 

Wearing amethyst jewelry is an easy way to infuse the healing vibes of dark purple into your life. This rich shade is associated with spiritual transformation and the reawakening of the spirit to your divine purpose. 

In the mineral kingdom, amethyst is the ultimate meditation stone because of its calming effect on the mind. Any time you feel the pull of negative influences, call on the medicine of amethyst to bring balance to your mind and emotions. If your crown chakra energy is low, amethyst jewelry helps redirect self-centered thought patterns into a deeper understanding of the psyche. 

When you wear this gentle healing stone in jewelry, it helps free you from the dark side of vanity and pride. If you find yourself caught up in ego-related inner conflicts, hold tight to amethyst and discover the difference of not just surviving, but thriving in every aspect of life. 

In astrology, amethyst is particularly beneficial for Sagittarius signs because its calming effects help to balance their impatient nature. This powerful crown chakra stone also speaks to their love of philosophy and a lifelong quest of discovering the meaning of life. For the indecisive Aquarius, amethyst jewelry helps soothe an overactive mind with peace and tranquility, a state of being that encourages insight and wisdom. And when it comes to discovering the higher self, amethyst is a must-have for the imaginative and sensitive Pisces. 

Thanks to a reputation for spiritual enlightenment and healing, amethyst jewelry is often combined with heart chakra stones like aquamarine and rose quartz. In crystal healing, this power cocktail restores balance to the spirit by helping you open your heart and face any challenge with love and compassion. With amethyst and its crown chakra connection, it opens the doors to insight, which is bridged together with heart chakra stones. When these energy spaces are connected, you will be able to truly know yourself, the beginning of wisdom. 

Placing an amethyst rock in the bedroom or wearing it as a bracelet at night also protects against nightmares and insomnia. It is particularly helpful for children who suffer from night terrors. For business owners, keep amethyst crystals in your shop or office to increase a strong business sense. 

Natural variation in colour/tone of each individual pendant

18" chain included


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