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Fall 2016:

Caring for your jewellery and avoiding a green finger

Ever wondered why some people say rings turn their fingers green?

A sterling silver ring, or a ring that is plated with sterling silver, will turn your finger green due to a chemical reaction with moisture on your skin that is reacting with the alloys in the metal. This moisture can be as simple as water, sweat or humidity.

A similar reaction will occur when you wear a copper ring as well. The green finger or tarnish is common with copper (which is an alloy that is commonly used in silver / sterling you can see the connection with silver and a green finger.

Again, most people assume that if your finger turns green or your ring tarnishes, that the ring is not genuine sterling silver. The opposite is true because acids that cause the silver to oxidize, which are commonly found in the air, water, lotions, soaps, produce a reaction and cause tarnish. This can leave a dark ring or green on your finger. 

Now that you know why it happens, you can easily avoid having a green fingers by following some simple care steps. If you can remember to take off your ring when washing your hands, in the pools, cleaning, applying lotion, etc, tarnish should not be an issue. Avoiding these things will help prevent tarnish.

Humidity encourages tarnishing, so always store silver-plated jewellery in a cool, dry place.  A simple plastic resealable bag (sand-which bag) will work wonders, keep items dry in separate compartments while also helping to avoid scratches.

Always take off your silver-plated jewellery before swimming, showering or cleaning as well as when putting on make up or using hair care products or perfumes. The water and chemicals used during these activities could cause the item to tarnish more quickly. Anti aging facial skin care products are acid based and should be avoided touching your jewellery (as in with a necklace) even if they are dry. A vitamin c cream or glycolic acid cream or retinol product may tarnish your items in a way that is not removable or it may expose the base metal. Use these products at night to avoid them damaging your plated and fine jewellery.



April 2016: "How to Dress Up an Outfit on a Budget--Our Stylist's Top 10"

How to Dress Up an Outfit on a Budget - Our Stylist's Top 10

Sick of your day-to-day outfits? You don't need a whole new wardrobe—the most boring looks can be transformed with the help of a few key pieces. Follow our advice for the perfect wardrobe update using your favourite affordable accessories!

Everyone wants to look their best for less, and we've got all the answers! Check out all 10 tips:


  • Idea 1: Choose versatile pieces that work with multiple outfits. Those chic studs work well in the office and add a splash of glamour while running errands.

  • Idea 2: Look for neutral colours that pair well with your style. A classic clear-stone silver pair of earrings or a black wrap bracelet work well with everything.
  • Idea 3: Add a splash of colour with an affordable statement necklace. Nothing says luxurious more than an exquisite piece that draws all attention on you and your impeccable style.
  • Idea 4: Statement Rings are all the rage. Show off your fashion sense with an eye-catching sparkler on your right hand.
  • Idea 5: Be a smokeshow in red with these sultry earrings  that pair will with casual and classy outfits alike!
  • Idea 6: Luscious Layers speak volumes about your style. Show off your feminine side with a trendy layered-look statement piece that showcases your gorgeous neckline. 

  • Idea 7: Go Big City Glam in this eye-catching necklace. Show off your inner chic city-girl and glam it up day or night!

  • Idea 8: Statement earrings are a great way to dress up a casual outfit. They draw attention to your face and add sparkle. Regardless of your colour choice or earring size, a statement earring can always add drama to an outfit and add that polished look that will keep all eyes on you.
  • Idea 9: Stay on trend with a long necklace. Long necklaces help focus the eye in a vertical direction--making you look taller and leaner! 
  • Idea 10:  The more basic the outfit, the bolder your accessories can be. Amazing outfits are created when everything is in balance. A plain solid-colour top with a plain pair of pants or jeans can be the chic-est outfit when paired with the right accessories. Try mixing it up with some bangles, a cocktail-style ring, and a long or statement necklace. You can really add some bling and show off your personality by adding over-the-top glamour to your everyday basics. Glitzy and gorgeous--not just for evening-wear anymore! Think big, bold and beautiful!