***NEW: Bracelet - Handmade Beaded Gemstone Bracelet - Stretch - Different Sizes Available - Type of Stones: Rhondonite
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***NEW: Bracelet - Handmade Beaded Gemstone Bracelet - Stretch - Different Sizes Available - Type of Stones: Rhondonite

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Green Aventurine is the perfect companion for anyone looking to balance their Heart Chakra, help fulfill their potential, balance their emotions, and help heal past emotional wounds to open up the heart.

This stunning handmade bracelet is beaded with double-looped stretch cord for long-lasting durability. 

This bracelet is made using genuine rhodonite beads and genuine lava stone beads.



Healing Properties:

Stone of Potential
Overcoming Adversity



Sizing Guide:

XXS 12 cm
XS 14 cm
S 16 cm
M 18 cm
L 20 cm
XL 22 cm
XXL 24 cm 




Make a wish and manifest it into reality.

Hold your new bracelet in the palms of your hands, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and focus on the ONE desire you want more than anything else in the universe.

Think about that ONE desire and WHY it is so important to you. What would fulfilling that ONE desire would mean to you? What would it would mean for those around you?

Think about where you are now. Think about where you will be after realizing your strongest desire. 

Think about what hurdles are in your path, trying to block you from actualizing your deepest desire. Focus on how to mitigate those blockages. Focus on all of the different ways to get through those barricades; think about different people you may need to ask for help; think about the different changes you may need to make in your life to get there; think about what you can do to prepare yourself to jump those hurdles without breaking a sweat.

Focus on what you need to do, how you will get there, and let yourself FEEL the immense peace and joy that comes with having finally MADE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

Focus on how amazing that feels; let that warm feeling spread throughout your entire body. Focus on your hands; how smooth the beads feel as you roll them between your fingertips. Focus on your intentions and transferring your energy into your bracelet. 

Put the bracelet on your left wrist and start your journey to MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

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